About me

I paint pictures when I am not distracted by life in general. Painting is hard.12043114_1168637616483533_3241811757745898321_n I am a master of procrastination and avoidance but I know that if I focus, once in a while I will astonish myself! Over the years my subject matter has become more and more about light and space – abstract qualities, while my paintings are resolutely figurative. I want my paintings to enrich other people’s lives as well as my own. I try to keep it simple.

I came to Botswana in 1980, met and married David and settled into wedded bliss and motherhood. I did a bit of painting in those early years but in 1990 I was introduced to watercolour by Zimbabwean artist Irene Sparks and it has remained my favourite medium.

While the girls were growing up I got involved with the local art scene, did murals, stage sets, ballet scenery and cartoons as well as commissions. Then I was invited to participate in a Thapong International Artists workshop and I found it an incredible experience. It changed many perceptions I had about art and artists and where I belonged and it gave me the confidence to go my own way.

Now David and I are renting a cottage on the Chobe river flood plain. He walks to work and I pootle about in my studio next door. When the water is high we have a resident hippo – when it recedes, there are swampy puddles and birds – and elephants! This is me transitioning into Wildlife Artist!

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