Artists Inc. Studio

My dream has always been to have an art studio. I tried to run one a few years ago which I gave up as I had no idea of business but I LOVED having a space of my own.  I didn’t really have a plan or a vision for it, just an idea that ‘stuff’ (Art) would happen and as long as I managed to pay the rent it was fine! Not so. That law about work expanding to fit the time available to do it was one that I knew well and I couldn’t be creative and free AND be business minded at the same time. So I closed it and ‘worked’ from home and eventually was simply involved in Art through various organisations.

My daughter Phillipa is a gifted photographer and after three years of exploring and wandering around London, Scotland and Grahamstown she wanted to come home – to live and work in Botswana. I have always wanted to print gift wrap and greeting cards so the idea of a publishing company using Phill’s photos and quirky art and poetry, combined with my fine art and cartoons started to take shape and we formed a company. Each of us has our own identity as artists but our commercial work is published through Artists Inc. Studio. I believe we are the first fine art publishing business in Botswana and as we want to fly the flag and to be authentic we print our cards in Botswana. We have not yet succeeded in producing exactly what we want but will persevere – I now have a vision for the studio and for our business! On 21 July we finally had an Opening Party to celebrate our art, our space and our new adventure!